Saturday, July 7, 2007

Because Wendi Said So

So, I’m going to deviate a little from the blog plan because I had a special request from Wendi. Here it goes…..

Things I would describe as “sick-nasty”

1. birds
2. meat in general, unless I have carefully inspected it (those of you who know me, know what I mean)
3. cellulite
4. fruit flies in my kitchen
5. finding unwanted items in my fast food
6. baby throw up (I guess that I’ll eventually have to get over that)
7. muffin and little bit (my dogs) in their later years…ask me about it some time
8. touching the bathroom door handle at a gas station right after you’ve washed your hands
9. cleaning out my fridge
10. cleaning out the drain…especially one that’s not your own (I’ve done it)
11. sweating profusely under your arms
12. trying to take the cat I just ran over to the vet (I did that…it died)
13. trying on bathing suits
14. IBS
15. face lifts on old men

Things I would describe as “awww cutie”

1. Christian and his unrelenting desire to make me laugh
2. squeezing Shelby’s (my sister) cute little face
3. family dance at Joanna’s wedding
4. my dog Isabell
5. my 4-year-old cousin Frankie playing with his hamster, Hammy
6. the L-language
7. my mom dressing up on Halloween by herself to answer the door
8. dancing with my dad
9. seeing my friends kiss their husbands on their wedding days
10. most babies
11. laughing with friends
12. my grandparents
13. puppies
14. bad pictures
15. the ending dance scene in “Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion”