Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Babies' Mommas

I love babies. I have always loved babies. In fact, at a very early age I found myself constantly distracted in church by all the cute babies cooing in the auditorium. Even to this day, I will not hear a word of the sermon if a baby is sitting in the pew in front of me (just ask Christian). So you can imagine what a thrill it has been to watch my friends become parents. I have loved watching them go through pregnancy, and become more like Christ as they parent their little ones. There is nothing like getting to love the children of some of the people you love the most. What an honor and blessing it has been to learn from them as they seek to love their children like Jesus loves us. So, I just wanted to thank a few of them for their examples....

1) Amber, thank you for being one of the most Godly and intentional parents that I know. You are raising your boys to know the Lord, and your patience with them always amazes me. I adore Eli and Calvin, and I can't tell you what a blessing it has been to be a part of their lives. If I love them as much as I do now, I can't imagine how I will feel about my own children some day. Thank you for sharing them!

2)Debby, it is so apparent that you are absolutely in love with Joaquin. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever met, and I know that is because you have sacrificed so much to spend every minute you have with him. I deeply respect your choice to stay home with your little one. It is so obvious that he is number one to you! Thank you for sharing your little man with me....I have LOVED getting to cuddle him and love on him....I am living vicariously through you!

3) Lisa W., you always amaze me with your ability to stay calm in the midst of craziness. You juggle a booming business, two kids, and a husband, and you do it beautifully. You have two of the most beautiful children that I have ever seen, and I have loved watching their personalities blossom. I love the fact that you allow each of them to be exactly who they are; I love that you do "girly" things with Asia, even though you are a tomboy at heart!

4) Melissa, I am so thankful for the example you have been to me. Your relationship with Cole is incredible. I know that life has thrown you some curve balls, but you have never once let your difficulties affect your bond with your son. It is so obvious that he knows that he is loved by you; he can be his silly self, he can talk to you, he can play with you, he can learn with you and he can pray with you. You are raising an amazing son who knows the Lord, and I pray that God will bless me with one just like him!

5) Brooke, I love hearing stories about Joel. It is so obvious that you and Paul get a kick out of his silliness. I love that fact that every day at school (back in the day) you would have a story or a home video of Joel to share with me. You and Paul are both amazing servants of the Lord, and it is apparent that you are raising one just like you both! Joel has a great sense of humor and he never meets a stranger....just like both of you! I can't wait to meet new baby Mason! He (or She??) is a lucky little guy!

6) Jenny, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you and Chris. You were made to be a mommy, and I am amazed at the Lord's faithfulness. I have loved hearing about your prayers for baby T. and reading your blog as you write about the gift of pregnancy. You are too cute! You and Chris are going to be incredible parents; you passion for the Lord paired with your passion to experience life to its fullest will make the Thompson household an amazing place to grow up.

7) Ashley! I am thrilled for you and David! God's timing is so perfect, and I can't wait to hear all about your new career as a mom. From the moment I met you, I knew that your creativity and love for family would make you an amazing mom.  I have watched you love on Zach's kids, and it is obvious that God has uniquely gifted you to be a parent. Christian and I will be praying for your little red-headed (hopefully!) peanut!