Saturday, March 5, 2011

London's First Trip!

We just got back from our "babymoon"/conference in Cali. It was an absolute blast! We were headed to a conference called Catalyst in Orange County, so we decided to go a couple of days early and take London to Disneyland! The conference was amazing, and the park was magical as always, but the best part of the trip was shopping for and talking about our baby girl. Who knew that shopping for your unborn child could be more fun than a trip to Disneyland!?

I was a bit fearful that becoming a mom would mean no more freedom and fun. However, now I realize that everything is so much richer with London in tow. Even though we haven't officially met her yet, I am filled with joy thinking about our future adventures together. I can't wait to revisit childhood with London, to make lasting memories as a family, and to see the world through her eyes.

She got her first taste of loud music on our trip, and it was hilarious! During a Disney show, she kicked and squirmed every time the music got loud. I noticed her kicking again during Aladdin the musical, but by the end of the week she had grown used to it...she didn't kick much during worship time at the conference (which, by the way, was you haven't heard John Mark McMillan or Gungor, go look them up right now). Maybe she just loves musicals like her parents. :)

Here are some of the things we bought her in Disneyland. I don't even like pink that much, but felt compelled to buy it for her! I just can't resist the girly stuff, even though I was really opposed to it before!

Next adventure with London: at trip to NYC to help Aunt Shelby with her bridal pics!