Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Baby London!

Baby P has been extremely active since week 17 of my pregnancy...kicking, punching, flipping. It has even kicked me awake a few times! In fact, one morning it wouldn't stop kicking until I got up and ate my leftover chinese 6:00 in the morning! All that kicking had given me the impression that I had a little man-baby swimming around in there...a baby boy that took after his rather large daddy. However, at our ultrasound on Wednesday we were shocked to learn that we are HAVING A BABY GIRL!

We are so excited! We are officially in love with baby London (yes, her name is London, like the city where we honeymooned!). She is just so cute! She moved and kicked her little legs throughout the entire ultrasound. She is an active little girl and most certainly strong-willed like both of her parents!

Against my better judgement, I am posting some prego pics. My friend Wendi (who is due on the same day as me!), inspired me to do so. She looks so cute in her pictures!

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