Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Mine

London is all mine. Have you ever been given a sweet treat at Christmas time or for your birthday? A treat you tucked away in your pocket, and, later, stowed in your top dresser drawer to savor and eat slowly? A treat that was all yours? My aunt makes 4's every year. These hand-dipped caramels take days to make, and when you receive your box on Christmas day, you vow to make them last the entire year, only to succumb to their buttery temptation day after day until it's January 6th and your box is empty. London is like my box of 4's. She is all mine. Oftentimes I don't want to share her; I just want to take all of her hugs and kisses and lock them up for safe keeping. And I want her to last forever, until my hair turns grey & arms are no longer strong enough to hold her. I want to savor her life like my chocolates, not rushing one moment, but taking in the sweetness of it all. Today I prayed for a long life with my baby girl, but I know that any amount of time spent with her will never be enough.