Wednesday, August 1, 2007

100 things

Ashley tagged here it goes...100 things about me:

1. my husband christian is my favorite person in the world
2. he also makes me laugh harder than anyone i know (with alli and my sister being close seconds)
3. shelby, my sissy, would be my bff even if we weren't sisters. she gets me.
4. i love my family...we fight but make up really fast.
5. i love the color pink
6. i love hillsong united praise music...i sing it really loud in my car
7. God is my first love
8. i like to write
9. i love reading...especially anything fracine rivers
10. i love hanging out with the youth group at church
11. i am loving grad school
12. i love analyzing people and problems...especially my own
13. i think we could all use a little therapy
14. i have been described as slightly "dramatic"
15. i tried out for every play in middle school, but never got a part until 8th was a main part, so i guess it was worth the wait and torture of being a drama nerd
16. i was named "Miss Mustang" my 8th grade sounds really cool, but it was an award given by the teachers
17. i like to make 100's, and i am slightly obsessed with school
18. i really wish i was sydney bristow from alias. i have a slight same-sex crush on jennifer garner
19. i get stressed when the house isn't clean, but i am really messy. kind of a conflict of interest.
20. i love the show's a ghost hunter show and i watch it even though it gives me nightmares
21. i love love love LOST. there is nothing better that watching it with the fam on a wed. night after church
22. i did a triathlon this year. it was so rewarding!
23. i have asthma and christian laughs at me when i take my inhaler
24. i love to dance and trained in ballet, tap, jaz and modern for about 16 years
25. i hate cats
26. the only reason i would like a cat is if it killed a bird...i hate those even more
27. my dad hates birds too
28. my friends are like my sisters. i am so blessed!
29. i love banana republic and shoes
30. i love pilates
31. i love shopping
32. i like babies, but only for about 30 minutes at a time
33. i love austin and everything about it
34. i love music...i wish i had an endless amount to spend on itunes
35. i like to travel and would love to live overseas
36. i was fat when i was little. fat + good student= nerdy
37. my mom thought i was cool
38. my parents also think everything shelby and i do is hilarious
40. mom's adoration + parent's obsession with you = false confidence
41. false confidence + 4th grade choir try outs = big disappointment
42. i'm proud of my above equation
43. i love teaching middle schoolers
44. i especially love dancing and singing in front of them until they say, "oh my gosh mrs. pimentel! stop!"
45. i really like the idea of watches, but i can never seem to keep up with them. i have lost every one i ever bought.
46. i love the movie "never been kissed." josie grossy is my hero.
47. i love to make up songs and sing them to christian
48. i like to make up dances too
49. christian makes up dances too and his are much better than mine
50. i love the spirit of the Lord; my heart overflows with love for Him
51. i wish i could see into the future and know when we're suppose to have kids
52. i want kids, but i really like being selfish right now
53. i love eating
54. if i could eat one thing for the rest of my life and not get fat, i would choose chile's chocolate molten cake
55. i love love love saved by the bell
56. i can sing just about every song from that show (oh arnie boy, any hot fudge sunday songs, all the bayside cheers, glee club songs, i'm so excited....)
56. in high school 5 of us used to do "lunch bunch" and after we ate, we would come back to campus, sit in the car and sing really loud to a cheesy 95.5 song. i guess you had to be there.
57. i am a terrible driver, but if i got graded on effort, i would get an A
58. i am easily distracted
59. i can't do anything else when i'm on the phone
60. i hate putting up laundry
61. i love beth moore bible studies
62. i have ibs
63. my mom installed track lighting in our house without telling us while we were at work. "suprise!!!!"
64. my wedding was over the top, but i loved it
65. christian loved it too....especially the fact that i had 12 bridesmaids
66. i hate math, and i think that teachers are lying when they say that you will use calculus or even algebra in real life
67. biggest trouble i ever got in at school: a referral for truency for going off campus for lunch as a junior
68. biggest trouble i ever got in at home: got caught making out big time with my boyfriend by my dad
69. biggest fight i ever got in with my sister: we fought in hs over who would get to sleep with the dog. my mom (our "mediator") physically sat on shelby and pulled our little chihuahua away from her
70. i love the beach, but hate wearing a bathing suit
71. top trip of all time: my honeymoon to london and paris
72. a very close second: trip to the bahamas with my bffs my senior year of college
73. i love the theatre, especially shows with dancing
74. i love the show "so you think you can dance" and think that shelby should try out for it
75. i love to sing songs really loud at home and pretend i am on broadway....christian just LOVES it
76. i have peed in my pants while laughing multiple times, including a few times in hs and college
77. i like to run with my new pink ipod shuffle
78. i like very large candles
79. i like movies of all kinds, especially really sappy ones
80. my garage is so WT right now....just piles and piles of stuff
81. one of the best memories from college: morning bible studies
82. another great memory: dressing up all the time and dancing around our house
83. ROW was the best roomie tradition ever
84. our house had a fake dog named pedro in college
85. my friends in hs made up this language call "L language" in hs. this is how you say hello in it: "hel-lel"
86. i can't give toasts at weddings without crying
87. i like water, but i don't drink enough of it
88. i like camping, but nobody in my immediate family does. they prefer nice hotels. what is wrong with them!?!
89. christian likes to camp too, but we have never actually been
90. i think smoking in pubic is so rude
91. best part of being an officer on the dance team in high school: huge white sequin cowgirl lie
92. i love massages
93. i sweat excessively under my arms...try teaching middle school sometime without moving your's really hard...i'm pretty good at it
94. i know parts of the ending dance from the movie "romy and michelle's hs reunion." i can show you sometime if you want.
95. i want a pet pig named allouicious
96. i am a terrible speller
97. christian tells me that i often talk in my sleep
98. i love little cutie dogs
99. i read all my blogs to christian before i post them...he is really ready for me to be finished with this one
100. this was fun

i tag my dad and chez