Sunday, August 26, 2007


(Above: Melissa, Brooke, and me at our Totally 80's Holiday party last year at school)

When I was 3 years old, I had a best friend named Robbie. We would play in the mud together, watch Mr. Boogedy together under my mom's giant red blue and white hand-sewn quilt, eat goldfish together and even occasionally take baths together (shhhhh...don't tell!) Robbie and his family moved a few years later, but my devastation soon resided when my preschool pal Lauren came into my life. She was as ornery as I was, and we spent our time plotting our escapes or hiding from Miss Penny under the pews in the silent auditorium. Since my run-away days, there have been a slew of best friends come and go in and out of my life for different reasons. I would name them all, but it would take too long and you wouldn't know most of them anyway. The point is that friends change with the seasons of life; some come and go; others fade in, out and back in again; still others are a constant fixture; however, all serve a purpose.

A year ago I found myself in a new season, and the Lord, in his great love for me, provided two new best friends. He placed me on a team at school with two amazing women who have both served a different, yet equally beautiful, purpose in my life.

Brooke is a woman of faith. Fun, goofy, compassionate, encouraging, and extremely intentional about her walk with Jesus, she ministers to me daily and shows me what it means to trust in the Lord and follow His vision. She has taught me the concept of ministering to kids out of the overflow of one's heart. I know that each day when I go to school, I will be able to share both struggles and celebrations with someone who truly cares. We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together and vented together (you know how middle school can be an emotional rollercoaster). I am truly thankful for her friendship!

Melissa has an amazing heart for the Lord. She puts others needs first at all times, and seeks to love, encourage, and accommodate people right where they're at. She is a woman full of sacrifice, making sure to provide for all the needs of her precious son, Cole, while still finding the time to listen to and share with me (and boy have we shared...everything from prayer needs to...well..we'll just leave it at that). She has taught me what it means to enjoy the blessings of life, both big and small. I know that every day when I go to school, Melissa will make me laugh; I never knew that such a tiny person could have such a large personality! What a blessing she is to me!
Thank you, Brooke and Melissa, for making this a precious season in my life!