Tuesday, April 8, 2008

World On Fire

My amazing eighth grade students have each set up blogs in an effort to review and comment on different humanitarian efforts going on in the world today. They have examined Kiva, One is Greater Than None, Data, and Invisible Children. If you have a chance, you should check out the work that these organizations are doing....it's pretty incredible. On Monday, we all watched the video "World On Fire" (see below), which rocked my world the first time I saw it. Apparently, it did the same for several of my students. Here are a few of the things that they wrote:

"i didnt now that some people around the world didnt have money, education, and homes. when i get older i promise to help and give lots of money to help people get shelters and homes."

"One more thing is that $3,500 is being used for a production superviser instead of schooling and support for 70 children of war in Sierra Keone. So all I'm saying is that you help out down there or whatever over there, they need our help and support, it wouldn't hurt to send money or stuff like that, that includes clothes, so please help the people in those countries, please."

"America is spending way too much money that we don't "need". Yes we may "want" it but we don't really "need" it. It won't kill anyone if you don't spend that much money on a music video, but but it will if you don't get food, medicine,or that kind of stuff."

"My personal reaction, is that is pretty sad, that other parts in the world are poor, and peoples ignorance is what keeps them from helping them. I think that people should think twice, before they actually do something that is not going to help the world."

"I think that it was really thoughtful of her to do this and it is helping the african people a lot, and this video has inspired me to want to start saveing up money to give, because the video really makes me want to make a diference now."

Wow. If these kids are our future, then it's looking pretty bright. Blinding, even.